Ready4Golf....I'm Ready to Play, are You?


Welcome to Ready4Golf! This is a website designed to help you enjoy the game of golf. By Learning some very simple fundamentals, and some proper practice techniques, you can be having more fun playing on the course. Remember... this is a game and should be fun to play!

Mike Ceasar

Mike is a "Class A" P.G.A. Golf Professional. A member of both the P.G.A. of America and the P.G.A. of Germany. A teacher of the game of golf for over 25 years, a student for life! He is currently teaching at Golf Club Grobernhof e.V., located in Zell a.H., Germany.

Golf Instruction - Keeping it Simple

By keeping it as simple as possible, using the very latest in hi-tech training aids, SeeSwing Video, the Vector Launch Monitor for club and ball fitting, Explanar and the TOMI putting computer, Mike's students can experience the feel of swinging correctly so they can reach their full potential as a player and enjoy having fun playing the game!


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